Healthy Ways To Manage Stress In A Pandemic

Here are 6 tips for managing stress during
difficult times.
1) Remind yourself of what you have by keeping a gratitude journal. You can also write about your experiences and feelings.
2)   Meditate and try stretching to ease tension. There are numerous guided meditation videos from talented professionals for free on Youtube. David Fairweather and Jason Stephenson are two of my favorite.
3) Enjoy the little things that help you relax like drinking a warm drink or doing something relaxing.
4) Keep A Consistent School Schedule. If your child is having to attend school online, being homeschooled, or is some of the few attending in person. Children will need you to be as consistent as possible during this pandemic. This is stressful for them, too. They need to feel like they can know what to expect.

   5) Get enough sleep. Getting enough rest will lower stress and is good for your health.

  6) Cook simple meals at home. We aren’t talking fancy here, but it does help reduce risk of infection.

Take it day by day. Remind yourself that life is not normal and that you are doing the best you can.

Me Too

I and other women are not going to apologize for having an opinion or voicing it. It is so hard to work in a male dominated industry. My experience comes not from Hollywood executives but my profession in warehousing as a forklift driver.

Where derogatory statements as well as harassment are constant. I am proud of women for finally getting support in the film industry. At least one industry is seeing progress that it’s not okay to act that way in a work environment.

In this case I had met a guy who went after Oprah for voicing that what Harvey Weinstein did was wrong. Somehow apparently Oprah is in on what Harvey did. 2017 was plagued by the emergence of sexual assault allegations. Numerous women and men finally had the courage to speak up.

In this case my no longer friend had a problem with Oprah acting like she didn’t know Harvey Weinstein assaulted women.

Which is one of the problems in the first place, attacking those who have the courage to stand up and say it’s not okay. Of course I’m going to assume it certainly wouldn’t have been against her. Nor with her direct knowledge. He choose actresses and easier targets according to actual statements from victims. From experience with sexual harassment these guys are smart about how they get away with it.

I was furious that he was mad at her not the sexual predator. This anger stems from knowing victims to assault who will never voice who hurt them. And yes you might catch me forced to pretend to be pleasant to these monsters. It does not mean I am okay with their behavior. I literally reported an incident report where I then saw nothing happen to this guy. He kept up his behavior and that was it. It was literally quit my job or put up with it.

Hold Up! Turn Off The TV

Finally I get quiet after the chaos of dealing with a five year old. At this point it’s been so busy I now almost don’t know how to just stop. 

      Even though my body is exhausted my mind is still racing. Usually I end up zoning out with a favorite tv show.  More and more though this is the laziest way for me to wind down. There are so many things to do that are relaxing like:

  • Unwind with a favorite hobby such as writing, drawing, or spending time just creating something. It will give you a sense of satisfaction to see what you can make.
  • You can also exercise in your favorite way. It can be as fast or slow paced as you want. One thing is for sure it is a proven way to lower stress. 
  • If you want maybe schedule or just call up a friend to check in. Note if your introverted this is not going to be something that helps you relax. 
  • Also consider time in nature. If there is anyway to try to spend some time outdoors. Nothing is more peaceful than being in what God has made.

My Journey of Trying Meditation

Meditation can help with stress, anger, pain, anxiety, and depression. When you think of meditation you might be thinking that it’s too hard or silly to do. The truth is anyone can practice meditation. It is a great way to take care of yourself. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, anger, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. For me, my journey into practicing meditation began after recovering from several surgeries, and going through a break up. I started to experience extreme anxiety and trouble sleeping. I decided to give meditation a try after reading about its benefits.

There are numerous places to find guided meditation to get started. Check out YouTube where you can find guided meditation videos. There are also meditation apps you can download on your phone. Most of them are free or only charge to unlock certain videos. Personally everyone varies on what type of meditation works for them so explore YouTube and your phone apps to see what you like best.

meditation has really helped me to reduce my stress and to simply be in the present. There are also the times I need to sleep and I use it then as well.

If you want give meditation a try, let me know if it works for you. Bare in mind it might be hard to just ‘stop’ and be still when you first give it a try. We are so used to being on the go. Be patient and try starting with short meditation times to start. Happy meditating!